Stressless Wing Recliner Stressless Wing Luxurious with a modern look for those with a classic sense of style. The Stressless Wing was launched in 1994, and is one of Stressless' most popular designs ever. Behind the timeless surface lies state-of-the-art mechanics and patents, providing what you've come to know as the one true Stressless sitting experience. Stressless Mayfair Recliner Stressless Mayfair Elegant and laid-back, the Mayfair has the classic Stressless look. Its cushioning is extra supple and comfortable, and contributes to making this one of our top sellers. A classic look bursting with state-of-the-art comfort technology makes this an excellent representative of the renowned Stressless comfort. Stressless View Recliner Stressless View Soft and timeless. The Stressless View has ample cushioning, while retaining a timeless and modern cushion design with sleek contours. Fitted with a longer and slimmer back, this recliner is great for those of us who need some extra length in the back. It also has an adjustable neck support, to comfortably accommodate various heights. Stressless Sunrise Recliner Stressless Sunrise With its classic design, Stressless Sunrise gives you just what you need when sitting down: perfect comfort. Every Stressless is in fact a mechanical precision instrument, packed with patents and functionality just to provide you with the world's best sitting comfort. Stressless Admiral Recliner Stressless Admiral The Admiral is a timeless recliner with a comfortable, firm seat and a height-adjustable headrest. The design is accentuated by distinctive details in the stitching, while the adjustable headrest can add an additional four inches to the back height for those with a longer back. Stressless Max Power Recliner Stressless Max Power Recliner Stressless Max has state-of-the-art technology underneath the supple, voluminous shapes. Soft and calming rocking motions offer instant comfort as you sit down. It has motorized adjustment of the headrest, backrest, and footrest. The support can be adjusted to suit individual needs, or at the touch of a button automatically recline into a comfortable resting position. Stressless Mike Power Recliner Stressless Mike Power Recliner Stressless Mike is a slimline relaxer with rounded shapes and details that enhances the soft lines of the clean and contemporary cushion design. It welcomes you with soft and calming rocking motions as you sit down. The headrest, back, and footrest can be adjusted individually to suit your preference. The control panel also has a master button to automatically recline into a comfortable resting position.
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